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Need a way to tell everyone what your company is in under 5minutes? Maybe a way to tell your stakeholders what your company has been up to for the past year? A corporate video might be the very thing you are looking for.


Not to be mistaken as a promotional video, a corporate video is for your organization to answer the questions: “who we are” and “what we do”. In its essence, a corporate video is designed to show your audience what your organization’s values, philosophy, and ethics are.


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In the video above, we were tasked by SeaOwl to shed some light and detail about their maritime services and expertise and at the same time balance the informative voiceover with interesting and captivating visuals. We achieved this by focusing on the work onboard the shop with close-ups and dynamic angling paired with the grand view from a drone orbiting the entire vessel.

So why do you need a corporate video for your company? Well for one, it is a good tool for B2B marketing as if focuses on values and your business rather than a promotional video. Corporate videos can also be used for policy drafting, staff message, and even an investor’s pitch due to its nature.


Convinced that you might need a corporate video? Contact us and lets work together to see your video come into fruition.

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