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Need an awesome video to reach out to your audience? A Brand Awareness video is for you. 


But what is brand awareness? 

Well, as the name suggests, brand awareness is how aware your audience is about your brand. Need a visual example? Here is a short video we did for The Fullerton Heritage.











Want to see what else we have done? See the rest of our work.

In this video, we help The Fullerton Heritage welcome Chim's Satay into their gourmet family. The idea of this production was to show how traditional home-cooked food matches well with the prestige of the Fullerton Group. This was achieved by showcasing the chefs of the Fullerton eagerly learning from the Chim sisters. 

How would creating a Brand Awareness Video help you? Well, let's break it down a little. Have you found yourself scrolling through social media and stopped to watch that 20-30 second video? Now imagine, if you watched that video, how many more like-minded people like you would have watched it?


In some recent studies, experts have found that nearly 53% of all customers have engaged with a brand after watching a video on social media, and if we talk about millennials, that number increases to nearly 66%! 


Want to find out more? Need a quote?


Convinced that a Brand Awareness video will help you out? Stumped at what or how you can create your video? Let us help you out. Zake Productions have helped create professional, mindful videos that you or your company can use to increase the awareness of your brand, no matter which industry you are part of. 


Don’t think a Brand Awareness video is for you? Launching a new product? Maybe a Product Video would do better for you

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